Welcome to Limerick Athletic Club


Sports is a robust industry that unifies people of all races, status, and nationality. Apart from soccer, athletics is the most followed sporting activity because of the various categories under it. Today’s topic is about the home page of an excellent club that caters to everyone interested in athletics. Introducing the Limerick Athletic club.

About Us

We are in the business of offering a plethora of training sessions and competitions to fresh and experienced individuals. The Limerick Athletic club is in the business of youth mentorship for Irish citizens, particularly Limerick residents and is overseen by the Irish athletics governing body. Some categories of athletics activities we train include track and field, road running, cross-country, and yoga. People of different ages and genders are accepted to join this athletics community because we are here to make your dreams come true.

At our club, we encourage parents and guardians to participate with their children to foster family harmony. Talents are discovered here, and we will bring to light hidden talents among members. All year, we run several sports programs that will benefit our members. Members will be divided into junior and senior training groups depending on your age and experience. These groups will be coordinated by athletic experts who will drill them to become better.

The registration process is easy, and if you have any complaints and inquiries, you can contact us on our social media platforms. We are here to serve you better.

What we offer at the Limerick Athletic club?

This club provides some educational services our members will love.

Training sessions

We offer various classes for all age grades. These sessions include adult and junior training groups sprinting to determine your capability in speed, power walk, fast walk, and jogging.

Competitive Events

competetive events

Regularly, we organize various events like cross-country and hiking events that members can show their competitiveness. Members can participate as singles or as part of the club team. This event is expected to provide various opportunities for our members.

Race Walk

We are leading the pace in the revival of sports, mainly racing in the Limerick region. This community has hidden gems that need to be fished out and shown to the world. We are hopeful that in the next year, all our members will have the chance to prove themselves.

Amazing Training Facilities

limerick traing facility

The state-of-the-art training facilities at our clubs will complement all manual efforts our instructors use. These facilities are there to enhance the fitness and mental conditions of our members.

Summer Camping Opportunities

Yearly, we give our members the avenue to bond and learn together as a team in our summer camps. Well-trained instructors are always at hand to take campers in the discus, javelin, pole vault, and long jump.

Fully Secured Environment

A cozy and serene environment is what our members will get at the club. Security is our priority, and several protocols have been laid down to guarantee it.

Our Core values at the Club

There are several values which will hold dear to our heart and cannot be waved outside.



This value is what we expect our members and all participants to always adhere to. While we train young kids to express themselves, team bonding is sacrosanct.


Integrity is our watchword at this club because we all need this value to survive in life. All participants are advice to always match their words with action.


All members are advised to be truthful in all dealings with co-members and staff members. No lies will be tolerated.


Hard work and diligence has no substitute in our clubs because we believe that it will eventually pay off in the long run.

Why should you register with us?

Registering with a top athletic club like us comes with many benefits.

Health benefits

Health, they say, is wealth, all members’ health is important to us, and by taking classes, your physical and mental health will be enhanced.

Improved competitiveness

Choosing our club to train your kids or yourself will enhance your competitive level among your peers. Your self-esteem will be high, and you will do well in sports.

Networking Opportunities

A club like ours will benefit you in terms of affiliation and interaction. You will be able to meet new friends that will affect your life positively.

Affordable Fees

We offer all our services at reasonable rates you can’t get anywhere else. These rates are cheap without affecting the quality of training we deliver.

Discounts and Souvenirs

We give rebates on all sports kits bought by members of this club. Gifts and souvenirs will also be shared among them.

This post is about what Limerick Athletic club can offer its customers, its values, and benefits members can get.