Track Protocol:
We share the track at UL with a number of other clubs and athletes of all standards. It is extremely important that we observe proper protocol in and around the track area. Collisions between children and adults can have very serious consequences for all involved. We must also appreciate that some top athletes have a very strict and finely tuned training regime and we must endeavour not to disrupt it. Remember the following basic guidelines:

  • Never cross the track while athletes are already on it.
  • Always leave lanes 1 and 2 free for long-distance runners.
  • If you hear somebody shout ‘Track’ look around immediately to ensure that you are not causing an obstruction.
  • Never leave bags, bottles or shoes where they might cause an obstruction.
  • When in the field area, be sure not to cross where shot-putt or javelin practice is taking place.

N.B. If you hear “TRACK” either move off the track and onto the grass or move away from the active lanes.