Please click here on the link below to download the Parent’s information leaflet.

At Limerick Athletic Club, our objective is to improve your child’s co-ordination, balance, speed, agility and stamina, with the emphasis on participation and fun, especially within the younger age groups.

We would encourage you to read this document which contains general information and guidelines. Please make sure that you and your child are familiar with its contents where appropriate.

As with any sport, improvement and excellence can only be achieved by regular and full participation at training sessions, so we would encourage regular attendance.

We are based in the University of Limerick.

All members must be registered to be covered by insurance, and to participate in competitions.
Membership forms and details of the annual fees are available on the Club Website Membership Form

Drop-off / Collection Point:
Adjacent to the Running Track, at the rear of the Sports Bar.
Please ensure that you are at this location in advance of start and finish times of training sessions.

Preparation for Training:
Children should not eat a substantial meal within one and a half hours of a training session or race.
All athletes should bring a bottle of water, which should be sipped during training. Large volumes should not be necessary.

Toilet Breaks:
As UL is a very open campus, we discourage toilet-breaks during training sessions for any children over 8 years, so please ensure that this is seen to before the official start time.
For younger children, a nominated and trusted parent should be available to accompany children to the toilet should the need arise.

To avoid injury and maximise performance, please ensure that your child is wearing adequate footwear. Ensure also that he or she dresses appropriately for the weather conditions.
Rain-jacket in wet weather, warm clothing in cold weather and sun-screen on sunny days.
We would also recommend running spikes, but they are not compulsory.

Track Protocol:
We share the track at UL with a number of other clubs and athletes of all standards. It is extremely important that we observe proper protocol in and around the track area. Collisions between children and adults can have very serious consequences for all involved. We must also appreciate that some top athletes have a very strict and finely tuned training regime and we must endeavour not to disrupt it. Remember the following basic guidelines:

  • Never cross the track while athletes are already on it.
  • Always leave lanes 1 and 2 free for long-distance runners.
  • If you hear somebody shout ‘Track’ look around immediately to ensure that you are not causing an obstruction.
  • Never leave bags, bottles or shoes where they might cause an obstruction.
  • When in the field area, be sure not to cross where shot-putt or javelin practice is taking place.

To gain maximum benefit from training sessions, young athletes must be attentive, obey their coaches, try their best and refrain from any horse-play or disruptive behaviour.
If an athlete persistently disrupts training sessions, then parents/guardians will be notified.

It is club policy that only strong or improving athletes are entered for serious competitions. It can be very damaging to a child’s development and morale to be badly beaten in a very competitive race.
When children are competing, we would encourage at least one parent to accompany them where possible.

Further Information:
Please add the official Limerick AC Website to your list of favourites, and check it regularly.