December 4, 2017 in Cross Country Results by Mark Guerin

Well done to Mark Guerin, Paul Fitzgerald, Keith Daly, Dave Hanlon & Mike Lynch for competing in the Munster Intermediate X Country Championships yesterday in Beaufort, Co.Kerry.

Limerick AC came 2nd in the team event which we were bested by An Riocht AC by 22 points. As for the County event we came in 2nd place only to have Kerry beat us by 3 points but it was a terrific performance that our Limerick lads pulled. Congratulations to Sean Doyle from An Bru for winning the individual race thus the first Limerick man in followed by Sean Quirke from Bilboa AC, Mark Guerin, Paul Fitzgerald, Gary Egan from An Bru and Keith Daily to make the County.
Well done lads 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 we hope to see you all again next year.

Club Team points
Club Points
1. An Riocht A.C 34
2. Limerick A.C 56
3. Farranfore Maine Valley A.C 79
4. Mallow A.C 98

County Team points
County Points
1. Kerry 53
2. Limerick 56
3. Tipperary 99
4. Cork 127